11/13/23, 2:36 PM
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Jet for PHP7?


I found your interesting framework. I want to use it for my current project. But unfortunately the code base of my project was launched at the time of PHP 7.4.

It is possible to run PHP Jet on PHP 7.4 somehow?

Thank You!

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11/14/23, 3:38 PM

Hello :-)

Interesting question. Short answer is: No, it is not possible to update PHP Jet for older PHP versions. But it is possible to integrate old code base with new PHP Jet project.

This is the experience we have in practice. We even have projects dating back to PHP5.

And such projects can be modified and upgraded to PHP8 using Jet. This is a common practice.

And I personally recommend it :-) It is better to upgrade the project :-)

Have a nice day!

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